Sims New Zealand

Picket Post Drivers

The picket Post Driver

Comes with spare dolly.

Easily dismantled for servicing and replacing the Striking Dolly.

Drives Vinstakes, BHP star posts and Trellising Posts with ease. Also drives timber posts and tubular posts.

12 months warranty

Weighs 18 kg

The Picket Post Driver requires a minimum hose size of either 1/2” or 12 mm unrestricted.

The air tool requires a minimum of:

  • 20 c.f.m. - 5.5h.p. - Around the farm.
  • 38 c.f.m. - 11h.p. - For contract fencing.
  • 45 c.f.m. - 13h.p. - To run tool continuously.